We are a family.

Birra Carrù is an independent craft microbrewery, but above all it is a family.

We share myopia, love for cats, not really French noses and what we call birrufficio (brewoffice), because here we all do a little bit of everything. Except cooking: the kitchen is only Lella’s and woe to those who touch it.

We like simplicity, which is a very difficult thing. Our craft beers (link) and natural drinks (link) are simple: pleasant to sip and good to drink. Familiar.

We are not the “TV-commercial” family. We argue, or better. . . we confront ourselves and the good mood of the early morning does not belong to us. But what we need are just four fresh pints, a bit of music and, in the end, being together.

Lelio: Manager e mastro birraio Birra Carrù


General Manager and Master Brewer

(he pays checks, but he also takes the merits)


I am the master brewer and the founder of Birra Carrù. Actually I’m an electronic technician, a radio-amateur and a deejay. And also a sales manager. I wanted to become a writer.

I soon fell in love with craft beer and I was a writer for a while: I published seven books between 2005 and 2016. But my first love is always Lorella, whom I married when I was twenty. I have a few thousand vinyls, a sociopathic cat and a dream that became a microbrewery.

Lorella: mastra birraia Birra Carrù


Master Brewer and Mental Coach

(she knows the recipes by heart and makes everyone agree)


I am the master brewer and the peace maker of Birra Carrù. I choose the ingredients, I care about  the balance. I’m half Piedmontese and half Tuscan, I love eating well and cooking. I was a cook in clubs, canteens and at the Giratempopub, a family brewpub from 2011 to 2016.

But, first of all, I am a mother: at the age of twenty I had a fabrics shop and Paola who slept in a wicker basket under the counter; at twenty-seven, Marianna was born. I do pilates, I have a cuddly cat, my sous-chef, and I don’t give up a plate of fried mushrooms.

Paola: Office Manager Birra Carrù


Office Manager e Brewery Tour Guide

(queen of complaints and paperwork, makes the best guided tours of the brewery)


I am the manager of Birra Carrù. If you call, I answer. Do you need an electronic invoice? Always me. Then I drive microbrewery visits: from grinding to refermentation, telling what we do. Who we are.

I never say no to role-playing games, group games or a Harry Potter movie marathon. About #potterhead, I am the webmaster of Giratempoweb.net and the organizer of PotteRaduni (Potter gatherings) in Italy. I have a white cat and a black cat, a Netflix subscription and a cabinet full of spices.

Marianna: head of content Birra Carrù


Head of Content

(she writes, she photographs …  she narrates)


I am the communication manager of Birra Carrù. Online and offline. When I’m not writing, I force the rest of the family to take selfies, stories, or I try (in vain) to explain to Lorella the difference between Facebook and Instagram. I graduated in Storytelling at the Holden School in Turin.

With two friends, I founded Shrimp Creative Studio. I write about Italian craft beer on “gustoSano” and about gluten-free on “Dissapore”. Yes, I’m the celiac daughter of a master brewer! I love Turin, the fog, the right words. To be spiteful. The American Pale Ale and the Stout (gluten free, uh).