How to open a beer firm and become independent

“With the term beer firm we identify those companies that, not having their own production plant, make their own beers through others”.

                                         From “Guide to the opening of a microbrewery – brewpub” by Lelio Bottero ed. Lulù, 2009

If the balloon has brought you here, maybe you already have an idea of what the beer firm is and are looking for whom to trust, among the brewers that make beer firm, to start your business project.

We started just like that. Like you.

From 2011 to 2017 we produced our line of Giratempo craft beers at other independent microbreweries. Six years in which we faced the typical problems of how to open a beer firm and had the same needs as those who create and produce beer without their own plant.

With the opening of our independent microbrewery Birra Carrù we had a long thought about how to provide a transparent, reliable and smart subcontract production service, able to streamline and simplify the work of those, like you, who are considering making craft beer with us.

The benefits for you


Working with us to open your beer firm means:

  • personalized recipes, studied, and a guaranteed finished product
  • compliance with deadlines and agreements
  • single or double cooked production, with choice of caps and bottles
  • transparent supply chain and traceability of raw materials
  • automated cooking room and bottling at very low risk of oxidation
  • consultancy for the business plan, for commercial development and the legislative aspect
  • support in the study of an effective communication strategy

Competence. Correctness. Customization. Search. Technologies. Support.

Let’s build together a concrete, real project. A craft beer customized for your customers and your restaurant or to position yourself on the market before investing in a production plant.



Just for you an instantly free consultancy.

    How to become independent


    To become independent. That’s what we said when we decided to open a beer firm. The goal for which every day we took the extra step.


    Think about how it would be to invest your time in a project that you’re really passionate about. How it would be to study the recipe, the name, the label and build a network of contacts to introduce your personalized craft beer. Think of the freedom to manage your system on tap and create a beer dedicated to customers. When will they ask you for “the usual” and you will tap the average blonde who carries the name and the story you have chosen.


    We have gone from 350hl produced in 2017, the opening year of the Birra Carrù microbrewery, to 1,200hl in 2019. The 4 fermenters have become 7. In two years the turnover has increased by 300% and we have produced over 50 different craft beers. On December 3rd 2018 we received the mark of “Independent Artisan Microbrewery” from Unionbirrai.
    And you?

    Fill the form to open your beer firm. Become independent!