Work with us

We create craft beers and natural drinks using every day more Italian ingredients. We know its history from the beginning to the glass to preserve a sincere and original taste.

We support the project of an entirely Italian craft beer chain: from spring water to barley grain; from the hop flower to the yeast strain. Beer is for everyone: defending its simplicity and purity, starting from the raw material, is our way of guaranteeing good drinking and transparency.

Our corporate values

We are a family.
Working with us means a sense of belonging, sharing and common goals. What we produce in our independent microbrewery respects the corporate values of Birra Carrù.

The more you feel these values, and you think they belong to people you would like to work with, the more you will have the chance to grow with us.


  • you are loyal, extremely loyal
  • you are sincere: you are not afraid to say things
  • give useful and constructive feedback
  • welcome useful and constructive feedback
  • support clear, direct and unambiguous communication


  • you know when it’s time to work and to take a break
  • look for a balanced result, rather than excesses for themselves
  • compromise if necessary
  • know when to judge and when to listen
  • you can manage stress and work under pressure


  • you are careful and precise in what you are doing
  • take decisions based on a long-term vision
  • you are responsible: the microbrewery is like your home
  • you know how to best complete your assignment and help others in theirs
  • you are obsessive in cleaning machinery and work equipment
  • you’re smart: you have an effective working method that optimizes time

Creativity and curiosity

  • you are curious about the world of craft beer
  • you like to taste, experiment, discover new flavors
  • you are proactive: we value ideas!
  • get out of your comfort zone and look for alternative perspectives
  • you learn quickly and greedily

Good. If you have arrived here, reading all that was important for us to tell you, it is time to fill in the form with your contact details, upload the resume and the cover letter.

Yes, the cover letter. Why don’t you write to us what you learned during your studies or previous tasks (. . . in your own words), what skills you have acquired and what skills you have developed and what do you think will professionally distinguish you from other candidates? We would like to know how you are the added value of the Birra Carrù family. How can we grow together?